Retrofit Kit

With energy and maintenance costs a major concern in today's Quick Serve Restaurant industry (QSR). Advanced Menu Systems has developed an LED Retrofit solution that solves these issues using an innovative LED array technology. The majority of the QSR industries indoor menu boards currently use fluorescent lamps for illumination, which is an inefficient, outdated technology, and a major contributor to environmental pollution. The QSR industry is beginning to recognize these problems, and AMS, provides a powerful solution. 
 A great deal of emphasis is being placed on changing menu board illumination from T-12 to T-8 fluorescent lamps, which is still an outdated light source when compared to LED illumination. Even though T-8 fluorescent lamps are more efficient than T-12 lamps, their energy efficiency and quality of illumination do not compare to the ION™ Light Engine, which is utilized in all menu board products from AMS. Retrofit Kits solve menu board illumination upgrade issues. They are easy to install, provide even illumination, and last a minimum of nine years when operated an average of 18 hours daily. Advanced Menu Systems Retrofit Kits are sized to fit all industry standard menu boards.